Why You Should Not Depend On Google For Your Website Traffic

If you have ever been slapped by Google ? Maybe you are  frustrated with your website sliding up and down the search engine result pages like a yo-yo. If so you need to watch this video. In it I explain why you should not waste all of your precious time and efforts trying to please Google.

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One Response to “Why You Should Not Depend On Google For Your Website Traffic”

  • Randy on June 17, 2010

    Hey Sam,

    As usual Sam, great information. I’m a newbie, and I’m still not understanding how search engines do their indexing and ranking.

    I have been promoting my site for 2 months now. I am only indexed in Yahoo so far. I started out on page 7, now it’s page 25.

    I am also losing a lot of backlinks, according to the link checks. I had almost a thousand, now it’s 800.

    I know about Google not giving us credit for all our backlinks, but they have given me credit for 59 as of this post. None of my pages are indexed, that’s all info coming from my Google webmaster account.

    I know what you mean, when you say don’t depend on them. I haven’t even gotten there yet, and I’m a little leary of Google already.

    Thanks for sharing Sam, God bless

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