What Are Your Website Or Blog Traffic Goals For 2009?

happy-new-yearFirst I want to thank you guys for sticking in there with me. I really hope I provided some useful tutorials and articles for you in the later part of the year. I’ll admit that in the beginning of 2008, I was coming half assed with content on this blog. But I realized later on that you guys were really looking to this blog to help you learn how to get traffic. And lots of it!

Having no traffic coming to your site is like not having running water or electricity. You need it to be found on the radar and generate sales. I know how important it is to you because it is dam sure important to me. So I will stay focused and committed to you and show you everything  I know and will learn in the future. The only thing I would like from you is to voice your opinion if you like what you see or read on this blog by commenting.  Thats about it. And oh yeah try to check out some of my advertisers. They would like it very much if you paid them a visit too.

Now I will tell you what I have in store for 2009 after the alcohol gets out of my system from partying. Blogging and drinking don’t mix! That was a bad joke. Anyways, here is what I have planned for 2009:

* More pictoral and video tutorials on traffic techniques and strategies.

* More podcast interviews with people who have started from stratch like me and you and are now successful with their traffic campaigns.

* I will touch more on website usability,  testing, and feedback analytics. Very important to know what’s coming in, how they came in, and how they left.

* Why you need to have pretty links instead of ugly ones. I’m tired of looking at those tiny url links. They look nasty!

* Dozens of blog and website traffic casestudies.

* Traffic Orgies ( Will explain Later )

* PPC and other paid search strategies that are proven winners for drawing traffic to your site.

Of course inbetween I will have some quick tips for you to implement right away, so be on the look out for those. The Traffic Is King Forums is officially open. Please go in and start posting your questions or answers.

The review site will launch early next year. I will be reviewing website and blog traffic programs, software, and services and then let people who have used these services, software, or programs give their review and feedback also. This way it’s not just one voice your hearing from about a product. You will have many voices that will provide enough feedback for you to decide if you should purchase that traffic product, software, or service. Truly unbiased reviews.

That’s pretty much about it. I look foward to having you guys here with me next year. Please have a fun and safe New Years!!!

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