Use Aweber Email Marketing To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Click Here To Get Started With Aweber Email MarketingUsing Aweber Email Marketing to generate traffic to your blog is something you should be paying close attention to. Most bloggers I follow all say most of their traffic comes from their list.  After you post to your blog you can bring a surge of traffic instantly just by crafting a nice email message informing them of your latest post or by broadcasting to your list automatically when a new post is submitted.

There are many other ways to generate traffic using Aweber’s Email Marketing service. I listed a few below to get you started.

1. Create a newsletter and publish it. Newsletters help keep your visitors in tuned to your business. Customers get information on your products and services. A good newsletters also helps build your reputation as a credible expert in your niche.Make sure in your newsletter you have links that come back to your blog pages.

2. If you have affiliates publish a newsletter for them. Keep your affiliates up to date on promotional items like banners, links, etc. You want to include tips, techniques, and good advice for promoting your service or software. This helps arm your affiliates with the tools they need to promote your business effectively.You may include links to pages on your blog that show your affiliates how to use these tools.

3. You can write and distribute articles to your target niche. This is a powerful tool to bring traffic to your site and increase sales. Many article distribution sites will let you place a bio and a brief description of your product or service in the authors resource box. This is where you will place a link to your squeeze page or opt-in form to build your mailing list. Then after they have opted-in to your site you can redirect them back to your blog. This is by far the best way to have new subscribers visit your blog after opting into your list.

4. Create a separate mailing list for your products and service. You can segment your lists if you have products and services and don’t want to blast your entire list everytime you have an announcement. Creating separate lists allows you to only have those that are interested in specific products and services opt-in and receive the marketing messages you setup in your autoresponder.

5. Have your sales process automated. Have good call to actions in your autoresponder message to increase click through rates. Have those links go to your sales page to convert your subscribers. This has been proven effective in increasing sales and improving website traffic generation.

6. Distribute your advertising. If you sell advertising on your website, newsletter or e-zine, set your autoresponder to send information about rates and the steps to place an ad on your newsletter or website. You can also set up your autoresponder to send notifications of any special deals you will offer.

If you are looking for a solution to manage all the ad space on your blog, then I would highly suggest you take a look at OIO Publisher. I use it to control all the ad space on all of my blogs. After I set everything up it will run on full automation unless I need to go back in and make some changes. I am very pleased with it and suggest you take a look if you don’t like the hassle of setting up banners, text links, or other ad space on your blog for new advertisers.

If you want to learn more traffic generating strategies in addition to using Aweber Email Marketing. Make sure you sign up for my free traffic domination course below.

Once you sign up I’ll see you inside and share all the goodness!


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