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Jumper Higher WP Blog ‚Äď Over 140 email Subscribers, Clickbank & Amazon¬†Sales, Google Adsense¬† Income, Fast Sale


Turnkey Basketball Jump Manual Niche Website

Are you looking for a Passive Niche Website To Run on Autopilot ???

100 % Keyword Rich Domain

For Sale: 

This website is ready to go right now. You can start earning from the moment you purchase this site!

What is Jump Higher In Basketball Now?

Jump Higher In Basketball Now is a turnkey niche website that can generate money passively through adsense, cpa offers, direct ads, email marketing , and social media promotions.

There is a huge demand for athletes looking to get training in basketball techniques particularly jumping and dunking skills. This is your chance to take advantage of the huge wave. This is a hot, evergreen business.

How Does This Site Work?

This site works on Autopilot. Basically all you have to do is provide good content via blog posts and YouTube Videos and then promote. All the traffic comes through organic search and social media. You can do review posts with embedded affiliate links, place adsense on the blog, promote clickbank products via email marketing ( site comes with 89 email subscribers ) There is hardly any other work involved!!

What technical skills do I need to run this business?

It would be good if you have a good working knowledge of WordPress.

Make this your First Online Business Venture!!!

So Why Should You Buy From Me?

I will ensure the transaction will be smooth and will remain available to you even after the sale is over.



Why Am I Selling This Site?

I have decided to go in a different direction in my business. So I need
to focus & stop spending myself so thin, hence I am selling a
lot of my sites.

Ways to Improve Site

All this site needs is some TLC, It will produce the new owner some GREAT INCOME!
– Add more content ‚Äď maybe a post a day
– Add more backlinks to get pages ranked higher in SERPs
– Do basic minimal maintenance, such as add additional content and
backlink every now and then to maintain / build on rank position
(this can be easily outsourced easily on a site like fiverr for

How does the site make money?

The site makes money threw Clickbank, Amazon & Google Adsense! It has
a Clickbank banner for the hottest Jump Higher Product on Clickbank on the right column. 
Plus Adsense & Amazon Affiliate Links On Every Page & Post!

The email list is a goldmine, all you would have to do is send them
basketball related offers and you generate  Clickbank commission checks.

Traffic Details
The Site get the majority of its traffic from the search engines, 
if just made a new post daily the income would increase dramatically!

What’s Included in the Sale
TheNew owner will receive everything, The Website, All The Subscribers,
Free Ebook Lead Generator, Twitter Account,Youtube Videos, and the Clickbank Account.

What are the expenses: The Only expense is domain renewal about $19 year. 

The domain is registered at 1and1 and the buyer must have an account
there for easy transfer.

*NO echecks will be accepted. Paypal and credit card only


Financial Details ( Up Till May 2013)

  • Clickbank Affiliate Sales $65.33

  • Amazon Sales $0

  • Google Adsense Income $0

Traffic Details ( May 2013 )

  • 78 Visitors A Month
  • 75¬† Absolute Unique Visitors A Month
  • 115 Pageviews
  • 1.47 Average Pageviews Per Visitor
The Site get the majority of its traffic from the search engines, if just
made a new post daily the income would increase dramatically!


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