Use This Secret Sauce To Rank Your YouTube Videos On Google’s 1st Page [ Podcast #9]


Here is why you need to stop watching old episodes of the Family Guy and listen to this latest podcast.  I interviewed underground video marketer Cliff Carrigan who is killing it with YouTube videos!  He has a formula that he uses to rank over 35oo videos on Google’s 1st page  for the niche specific keywords he wants to target.  All of his videos bring him the traffic he needs to promote all of his online businesses and make him a substantial living he can feed his family with.

Cliff’s  formula or “Secret Sauce Method” for ranking his videos is called YouTube Power Slam! I had the chance to review Cliff’s YouTube Power Slam method. I can assure you that you have not seen a method quite like this.  Cliff was a gracious host and provided a ton of value on this podcast. I think he gave away too much if you ask me! Too late though, it’s been recorded. Now YOU can learn how to do exactly what Cliff teaches in his YouTube Power Slam method and start ranking your videos on Google’s prime 1st page real estate. So grab a pen and paper and start taking notes. Oh yeah! It’s that good folks!

If you want to learn more about Cliff  and his latest video marketing method he uses to rank over 3500 of his videos on YouTube, then you can click on the link I’m going to give you and visit him over at the Warrior forum.


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