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Online marketing can sometimes be seen as a surefire way to bring in more clients and money for your business. However, what people do not understand is that online marketing can be complicated and technical. This is the reason why there are many different online programs and websites to help newbie online marketers.

One known online marketing training program is The Marketing Lab by Kim Roach. This is not an ordinary training program since this is membership-based. In general, a lot of people back off when they hear monthly recurring charges and payments.

In this review, I will tackle the positive and negative aspects of enrolling in the Marketing Lab created by Kim Roach.

What is The Marketing Lab?

The Marketing Lab is an online marketing training program that aims to provide assistance to online marketers on how to increase their sales, revenue and even visibility online. This training program is one of a kind since its members and its creator work hand-in-hand in providing online marketing strategies and assistance.

The Marketing Lab showcases Kim Roach’s tried and tested successful marketing strategies but also allows its members to share their own strategies that worked. This is a collaboration of online marketers helping  each other to succeed.

 Who created The Marketing Lab?

Kim Roach, is the mastermind behind The Marketing Lab. She is also the maker of Instant Payday and the Traffic Dashboard. Kim is an online marketing geek; she started her online marketing business during her high school days and was already earning $1000 a month. Her product, the Traffic Dashboard is all about her specialty which is driving more traffic to your website without depending on search engines. Her 30, 000+ monthly visitors to her website is the solid proof of this. In The Marketing Lab, you will get to learn more of her strategies and techniques in driving more visitors to your website.

What is inside The Marketing Lab?


Once you become a member of The Marketing Lab, you will gain access to the many video tutorials, podcasts and other online marketing training materials made by Kim Roach, her students and other members. You will find several training modules that are essential in online marketing success and I find them organized in a way that makes online marketing easier to understand.

Here is the list of the different training modules that you can view on The Marketing Lab:

Marketing Dashboard – this is the core of The Marketing Lab and this contains several tutorial videos that range from setting up your website, building your client list, generating traffic which is Kim’s forte, email marketing, product creation, testing and tracking your progress and multiplying your income.

What’s New – this features all the new activities and information in The Marketing Lab.

Community – this is an active forum where members can communicate and interact with fellow members.

Case Studies –this module shows the members the different case studies that Kim and her students make. These can be new marketing strategies that can help boost your online marketing skills.

Extra Goodies – this provides free and valuable tools that will help you in building your online business.

Behind-the-Scenes – this is one of my favorite modules since you can get a peek at how the online marketing genius Kim Roach makes her website succeed and grow. You will know the marketing strategies that she deploys to increase her website’s traffic.

Rolodex – this shows the different resources that Kim Roach is using for her website.

Webinars – this training module is one of the reasons why the monthly recurring charge of The Marketing Lab is worth it. This shows several videos of Kim answering members’ questions and provides tutorials on how to use them. One sample of Kim’s webinar is teaching her members how to get their first 1000 subscribers.

How it can help YOU get traffic?

The Marketing Lab  is very helpful for members and users to get traffic to their website. The different tutorials and training modules are simple to understand and provide step by step instructions on driving traffic to your site.  These marketing strategies featured on The Marketing Lab are simply what Kim and other successful online marketers use. They has been tried and tested and tweaked to work on providing constant traffic to your website.

Watch The Video Below


So if you are on the fence about the Marketing Lab, I say you give it a try. Kim Roach prides herself in helping others and I am confident you will find her training program very useful in bringing in more traffic to your site.

You can visit the Marketing Lab by clicking here <===

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