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Understanding Website Bounce Rates And Pages Per Visit In Google Analytics

Learn why understanding your bounce rates is vital to your website traffic and the importance of having increased pages per visitor in your Google Analytics. ...

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[Whiteboard Training] Website Hits, Unique Visitors, And Pageviews Explained

Check out the whiteboard training video that I put together on understanding website traffic stats. In this training session I break down a lot of the confusion some small business owners have when explaining or ...

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Why You Should Not Depend On Google For Your Website Traffic

If you have ever been slapped by Google ? Maybe you are  frustrated with your website sliding up and down the search engine result pages like a yo-yo. If so you need to watch this video. In it I explain why you ...

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Use Aweber Email Marketing To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Using Aweber Email Marketing to generate traffic to your blog is something you should be paying close attention to. Most bloggers I follow all say most of their traffic comes from their list.  After you post to ...

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[Video Tutorial] How To Create Website Backlinks And Keyword Anchor Text Links

This is a simple video explaining how to create website backlinks by anchoring keywords. Basically when you identify the keyword you want to target after using  the Google Keyword Tool, then you have to create l...

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