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[Whiteboard Training] Website Hits, Unique Visitors, And Pageviews Explained

Check out the whiteboard training video that I put together on understanding website traffic stats. In this training session I break down a lot of the confusion some small business owners have when explaining or ...

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Should You Kill Your Business Card And Go Virtual At Offline Networking Events?

( You can watch the video above or if you don’t have time you can read my summary below. ) After hitting up a few networking events and meetup groups this year, I found myself carrying less and less busines...

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How To Add Your Blog Feed To Your Twitter Account

I have been getting requests via email on how to do this so I went ahead and created a tutorial for you guys to follow below. There are so many things you should be doing to promote your blog post after you have ...

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6 Tips To Help You Optimize Your Landing Page And Bring In More Visitors

I recently have been taking on some coaching clients and notice that their landing pages were not optimized for keyword search. That’s a problem because no one will be able to find you! The landing page for you...

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