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10 Traffic Rituals You Should Do After Every Blog Post

I spoke at a passive income workshop recently and was asked by an attendee, “How do I get free traffic to my blog Sam? ” It’s a question that I have been asked many times as a marketer and blog ...

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How To Use Social Bookmarking Exchanges To Rank Higher With Google

First I want to apologize for making this long ass video! I’m trying so hard not to go over 5 minutes but the information I have to share with you is soo juicy! The reason for the lengthy video is because I...

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The Lazy Man’s Way Of Submitting Your Website Or Blog To 160 Social Bookmarks

I found a website that reduces the time and effort to submit your website or blog to a majority of the online social bookmarks. Hence, the title of this post, “The Lazy Man’s Way”.  The site is...

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