Simple Steps To Creating Video Lead Generation Pages With Traffic Geyser

In this video I show you how easy it is to create video lead generation pages with Traffic Geyser in less than 10 mins. The beauty of these video lead generation pages is that you can track how many leads and views your page is getting. This type of reporting comes in handy just in case you have to get the screwdriver out to make some necessary tweaks.

With this video lead page generator you can do the following:

  • You can choose a template and configure the sections in the template you have chosen. Up to 19 configurable sections.
  • You can add your own description and samples for each section of your template.
  • You can add and import your  text and images for each section.
  • You can also preview the lead page at any point while you are configuring the template.
  • You’ll see the relationship between the views you receive, traffic your videos generate and the number of leads you generate all in the same place!

If you want to create your own video landing pages. Take a click over to Traffic Geyser’s website and sign up for their 30 day trial. Go inside and play around with it. I’m very familar with this tool so if you are trying it out and have questions, you can contact me through the helpdesk.

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