YouTube Backgrounds

The Benefit of a YouTube Channel Background:

A lot of small businesses are using YouTube to augment their offline and online marketing efforts and getting good results too. The key to getting noticed in YouTube is to create useful videos that solve people’s problems and stand out from the crowd.

Unfortunately, this method doesn’t give you much in the way of creating a brand and telling your viewers about the other services you offer, your location, the awards you won and all the other good stuff about you that will keep them engaged

Fortunately, the YouTube Channel Background is a great way of creating a brand and making a positive impression in your potential customers.

When a viewer watches your video and likes it, the natural tendency is to want to know more about you. At the end of every video, point your viewers to your channel home by clicking on the name of the Channel on the right of the video.

Once they are on your channel background you can engage them with all sorts of details about you and this is where a customized YouTube Channel background comes in.

A good channel background acts as free advertising and will contain the following elements:

  1. Awards: People are always looking for nods of approval from others. Awards are the best form of approval and so if you have won any awards at all, be sure to highlight them on your Channel background.

  2. Logo and colors: YouTube allows you to upload an image on your background. This is more important than most people realize, as it gives you the best opportunity to place your logo and company colors strategically in front of thousands of viewers for free. People relate to colors and images better than words, and so if you have a sharp image with your company logo, it can create instant recall and brand value for you.

  3. Website links: You have the liberty of giving out the links to your website and Twitter account on your channel background so go ahead and do it. Cross promotion works great online and especially when someone is curious about you. Put in a little teaser and tell them to click your blog to know more about you. You will be surprised by how much traffic this can bring in.

  4. Contact and Location Details: Lastly, give out all the means in which you can be contacted. Your email, fax,phone number, street address, everything. You want to make sure that if someone wants to reach you they are able to use the medium they choose. Since the whole point of having a YouTube channel is promoting your business this step is very critical.

So now that you know the elements of a good YouTube Channel background use a judicious mix of the space available to decide where you are going to host each. The video at the center is best to have a short video telling your story.

The left taskbar is a good place to have the story in words, details about your contact info, your other websites, mentioning your awards and accomplishments and any other tidbit you want to share with others.

The image that you can upload is best suited to have the logo featured along with your company colors.

You can make all these changes by going to your Account and modifying the details under the “Settings”, “Themes and Colors” and “Modules tabs”.

Here are the steps that you need to upload a background image:

Steps to upload the background image

  1. Sign into your account and click on the My Account link on the top left.
  2. From the “My Account” drop down menu, select My Channel
  3. Click on Channel Design
  4. Go to the tab “Themes and Colors”
  5. Click – “Show Advanced Options”, and then the “Background Image” under it. Click on the “Browse” button and select your image.
  6. Click on “Update Channel” and you are done.

When done correctly, the YouTube channel background has got excellent potential to boost your small business. So spend some time on how yours is done and make these changes to get the most out of it.

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