Facebook Fan Pages For Atlanta Real Estate Agents

Benefits Of Having A Facebook Fan Page As An Atlanta Real Estate Agent:

1. Integrate with RSS.
You can integrate your fan page with the RSS feed from your blog or Twitter account and ensure that it has a steady stream of content always coming in.

Announce Events:
Let your Facebook Fans know about your open house events or any 1st time home buyer seminars. This is a great way to spread
and promote your local events to your Facebook community.

3. Explain You’re Business:
Let people know what you do in your real estate business. If you specialize in condos and lofts, let your fans know this through informative content or videos. Make sure they know you are the go to person for your particular niche ( i.e luxury homes, commercial, rentals, etc)

4. Interact:
Once your page is built don’t just sit back and relax. Facebook has over 500 active users. Now is the time to roll your sleeves up and start virtually shaking hands with people you meet online. Invite them to your Facebook Fan Page. Take polls and find out what there wants, needs and desires are. This way you can know exactly the types of properties that will be a fit for them.

5.  Promote Your Listings:
Once you have your listings available, Facebook is the perfect platform to promote them. If you have video tours or photos of your listings, make sure you upload them for your fans to view. You never know, it could just land you your next real estate deal.  Before I forget you always want to make sure you promote your Facebook Fan Page on your business cards, letter heads, brochures, post cards, and any of your print media to increase exposure and awarness.


Sample Facebook Fan Page I  have done:

If you are an Atlanta real estate agent and want a Facebook Fan Page for your own business, let
me build one for you. It would be my pleasure.

All Facebook Fan Pages For Atlanta Real Estate Agents Come With The Following:

  • Custom Welcome Tab
  • 2 Graphical Images
  • Placement Of Opt-In Form On Welcome Tab To Collect Email Addresses
  • Import Of 2 Items ( YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Photo Gallery, Slides)
  • Import Of Blog RSS Feed
  • Once Fan Page Reaches Over 25 Fans Will Create Custom URL Vanity
  • Ongoing Support

The Cost is $250

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order or contact Sam with your order details at (877)-576-4496