Podcast: Using An Automated Search Based Keyword Tool ( Interview With Jon Shugart Of Keyword Rockstar )

keyword-rockstarIn this podcast I interview Jon Shugart creator of Keyword Rockstar. Keyword Rockstar is an automated search based keyword tool and more. This thing is the creme de la creme of keyword tools. Now if you dislike doing keyword research like me or just have trouble finding good keywords that convert for your campaigns then you really need to listen to this interview. Jon tells how his software if used right can make you some serious cash.

In this Interview We Discussed The Following:

  • What Keyword Rockstar is and how you can use it to automate your ad campaigns?
  • How Keyword Rockstar is able to do much of the keyword research for you and make you look like a star in your  pay per click campaigns.
  • How this tool will change how you view pay per click marketing and keyword research.
  • The importance of testing your researched keywords, text ads, image ads, before launching a full blown ppc campaign.
  • Do you really have to throw a lot of money into the bucket  with adwords to find the right data from the keywords you select?
  • The difference in choosing keywords for your search vs content network campaigns.
  • What the future holds for Keyword Rockstar? Third party intergration with blogs, social media, and other apps?

Overall this was a great interview. It was great tapping Jon’s brain on keyword research and how the process of setting up ppc campaigns can become automated using his software.  I know using his tool will put the fun back in doing keyword research and setting up pay per click campaigns again. You guys definitely need to try it out to see what I’m talking about.

If you are interested in taking a look at this automated search based keyword tool then visit the Keyword Rockstar website and sign up. Jon has some great tutorials on how to use the program. In addition just know that he always over delivers to his customers with a quality product and great customer service.

Hope you enjoy the podcast. Please re-tweet this interview if you liked it or leave your comments below.

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