Podcast: Travel Pro Doug Bauknight Reveals His Tactics For Conquering Your Niche And Silencing Your Critics

ytb-family-300x194I interviewed the Travel Pro, Doug Bauknight, in an amazing podcast.

Over time Doug has taken what was once a hobby and turned it into a successful business. Known for being an avid ““Cruise-a-holic”, Doug blogs about his travel exeperiences, being a home based travel agent, and the company that has changed his life, YTB International. You can sense his passion for travel through his blog posts and his unique writing style which really commands your attention.

If you Google his name right now you will find a plethora of travel articles he has written about his travel experiences and the travel industry itself. A self made travel authority, readers nationwide and abroad read his blog to get a pulse on travel related information and gauge travel destinations through his experiences.

Listen to this interview with Doug Bauknight and you will learn –

  • How Doug got started in the travel niche
  • How to be viewed as an authority in your niche
  • How to have readers hungry for your content
  • Using relevant social media tools at appropiate times to connect with your readers
  • Silencing your toughest critics and getting them to send you traffic
  • Remaining the Top Dog in your niche and maintaing your readership

After listening to the podcast, if what Doug talks about resonates with you, you can visit his blog or follow him on Twitter with the links below:

Doug’s Blog -> Just Picture It Now

Follow Doug Bauknight Travel Pro On Twitter


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One Response to “Podcast: Travel Pro Doug Bauknight Reveals His Tactics For Conquering Your Niche And Silencing Your Critics”

  • TravelPro on July 25, 2009

    This was a fun interview! Thanks for having me and I’m looking forward to doing it again!


    Doug Bauknight
    AKA: Travelpro

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