[Podcast # 8] Interview With IM Press Release Generator Justin Mandel

In this podcast, I interviewed Justin Mandel the creator of  IM Press Release Generator.  Justin is a well established and successful internet marketer with a background in Acupuncture.

He brings to the table years worth of doing press releases to promote his various online and offline businesses. This includes an acupuncture clinic he ran some years ago which he tells a great story of how submitting one press release helped him get offline local news coverage and a ton of new clients.

Justin breaks down why internet marketers should utilize press releases more often and use his software to automate the whole process. In addition he gave away some real golden nuggets that you can take action on today so make sure to listen closely.

This was a great interview and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. If you want to learn more about Justin Mandel and his IM Press Release Generator software that is being used by hundreds of internet marketers around the globe then visit him over at the Warrior Forum.

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