Building Blog Traffic Case Study #2

This is a follow up to the first case study. Just wanted to let you know where I am with traffic building and how my alexa ranking is. Take a look. ————————————————...

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Use Aweber Email Marketing To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Using Aweber Email Marketing to generate traffic to your blog is something you should be paying close attention to. Most bloggers I follow all say most of their traffic comes from their list.  After you post to your blog you can bring a surge of traffic insta...

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[Video Tutorial] How To Create Website Backlinks And Keyword Anchor Text Links

This is a simple video explaining how to create website backlinks by anchoring keywords. Basically when you identify the keyword you want to target after using  the Google Keyword Tool, then you have to create links to pages you want people to visit. You will...

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Inaugural Post On Traffic Is King: How To Get Traffic To Your Blog (Case Study #1)

Hey Guys! My name is Sam. This is the very first post to the Traffic Is King Blog. I’m very new at this blogging thing so I’m not sure what the hell I’m doing. But I’m going to give it a try. Below is a video attempt to show how I will ...

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