Local Small Business SEO Case Study Part #3 ( Website Optimization )

Hey guys,

Sam here and this is the Local Business SEO Case Study Part 3. In this video I will show you how to optimize your website for the keywords you want to go after in search. Keywords that people will type into the search engines to find your local  business website. If you look at the last SEO case study Part 2, we did keyword research and identifying who our competitors are. We also spied on their keyword terms and used the ones we felt we could benefit from.  For this client I’m working with I wanted to use “Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Service” as the keyword to target.

I optimized the website for Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Service by including it in the title, in the body of the website and in the content of the website. Make sure for your own websites you are using keyword terms that make sense in your content and is relevant to what you’re talking about. The objective is to have Google spider your site and see that it is relevant for your keyword terms.

I included Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Service in the title tags, so when it comes up on the index result pages, you can see it in bold.

Having your keyword terms in the meta description is also important when optimizing your site. The description usually is visible below the title of the index result.   By adding your keyword terms in the description it helps make your site more relevant to the search engines. Entering keyword metatags may not be necessary. I don’t think Google looks at keyword metatags, but I could be wrong.  So you might want to check and do a little research for yourself to see if it is looked at by the search engines. But definitely, you want to have your keywords optimized in your title tags and in your description. So make sure to do that for your own website or blog.

Now the last thing I want to mention, once you have optimized your site is to let Google know that you have made changes to it. You want the search engines to come over to spider and index your website. So the way to do that is through a technique called pinging. Pinging alerts the search engines to come look at your site and index it quickly.

A site that I use regularly to ping my sites or to let the search engines know of my content is a site called Pingler. Pingler is a free service and it pings search engine spiders to spider your site for new content to be indexed.

That is pretty much it for optimizing your website or blog for your targeted keyword phrase. If you have any questions, just leave any comments below. I will be concluding with all the other remaining case study videos on this blog post. If you want to go back and check the previous SEO case studies you can do so with the links below. However you may want to make sure you check back frequently for updates to the Local Small Business SEO Case Study here on this post.  I’d like to thank you guys for watching and I will see you soon.

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2 Responses to “Local Small Business SEO Case Study Part #3 ( Website Optimization )”

  • Ana, internet marketer from Dallas on November 23, 2011

    Amazing video. Reminds me of the latest internet marketing conference I have attended last year. Very intelligent post as well!

  • Mikhail Tuknov on December 1, 2011

    I am agree with you to target the local business or global business the most important thing is keyword that you are targeting and once you have decided the keyword get the On-page optimization of your website according to that and then go for link building…..


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