Learn How To Embrace Your Fears And Grow Exponentially

This is a quick video of me in the Dominican Republic on vacation taking a little break before going back into the water to scuba dive.  Prior to this trip, I was terrified of being out in the open sea water. I’m not a good swimmer and I can’t float ( still learning). However I did not want to pass the chance up on being a wannabe navy seal for a few days. I thought it would be a great experience for me to go scuba diving and a way to challenge myself, which I don’t do often with adventurous stuff like this.

I had a great time learning and just living in the moment ! Underwater life is amazing to see up close! Except for those pesky sharks! Got to stay away from them. I was able to get certified as an open water diver in the whole process. So now I can take what I learned through my experiences and dive in other locations to appreciate other types of exotic underwater life. Most importantly with no fears of being out in open water..

The take home lesson for me was to embrace my fears and stand up to tall challenges. Either it be personal, spiritual, or financial.  In other words I need to suck it up and step up to the plate more often. What about you? Have you had any opportunities in life that you were to scared to take advantage of because of fear? How were you able to embrace and conquer them ? Would like to know.

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One Response to “Learn How To Embrace Your Fears And Grow Exponentially”

  • Walter on September 24, 2009

    Fear is the most powerful hindrance for our growth, unless we learn to embrace it, we have no power over it. One thing I did to embrace my fear is to learn how affects me. Then I began to gain wisdom on how to let it flow without controlling my actions. It is important to see fear in the eye. 🙂

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