John McCain Vs Barack Obama. Who Is The Winner Of Website Traffic?

Todays election day is going to be a super tight race. Both candidates looking to become the next president of the United States. Both have run aggressive campaigns offline to capture voters. You have probably seen them on national television visiting many states to talk to the general public. But what about the online community?  How much traffic are each candidates website getting? I have a snapshot picture of both candidates unique monthly visitors to their websites.

As you can see Barack Obama’s website got about 5.5 million unique visitors in the month of September to John McCain’s 3 million for that same month. We all know the media can fuel rampant search engine traffic on both candidates, but what are each candidates campaign camps doing to drive traffic on a grass roots level ?  What internet tools or social media networks were used to get those monthly uniques? After the election is said and done, I will follow up this post with a video demonstrating what each candidate did or did not do to drive traffic to their websites. Stay tuned…

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