Increase Web And Blog Traffic With Flickr Commenting

This strategy I’m about to show you is probably the most under utilized technique for bringing traffic to your website. Flickr is one of the most visited websites on the web next to YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and now Twitter. Watch the video below as I show you how to strategically use Flickr to get a little traffic juice to your site.

I almost forgot. While we are on the topic of Flickr. You might want to check out Image And Video Search: How To Optimize ( As Best You Can ) and 15 Tips For Search Engine Optimisation For Social Networks. After consulting with some clients and looking at their websites. A lot of them don’t optimize their images for search. Don’t make the same mistake. You would be leaving a lot of traffic on the table.  Visit those links and see how you can take advantage of some simple steps that will get you traffic juice from your images.

Okay watch the video. Make sure to tell me your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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