How To Use YouTube Video Marketing To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

This was a great podcast interview I had with Dr. Brandon Evans of Web Traffic Seminars. Dr. Evans has made hundreds of dollars each month passively on clickbank  and other affiliate products he has promoted by using video marketing. You will get some great insights in this podcast on how to start using video if you are completely brand new to video marketing or just want a refresher.  Dr. Evans was gracious enough to give us his advice from his own experiences on using video marketing. He  specifically uses YouTube to drive traffic to his affiliate campaigns but talks about other video sharing sites not to many people know about.

You will learn the best video taking techniques to use to promote your affiliate marketing campaigns.  How to use your video camera to get the best shot and quality from your videos and where to get low cost to free software to edit your videos. Most importantly,  Dr. Evans gives newbies advice on some do’s and don’ts when creating and submitting your videos. It’s very informative so you might want to get a pad and pen to take notes.

Dr. Evans mentions a service called Traffic Geyser. I use this same service to promote my videos as well. You can visit the Traffic Geyser website by clicking this link. They should have a one month free trial. There is also some great free videos you can watch on the power of marketing with online video.

After you have listened to the interview please give your keyboard a voice and comment below with your opinions.

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One Response to “How To Use YouTube Video Marketing To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns”

  • Tom Lindstrom on January 13, 2009

    I was a member of TrafficGeyser recently and used their service to upload my videos to YouTube and lots of other high traffic video sites.It was very easy to use and the traffic I started to receive from this was great too.I recommend making your own videos and submitting them to video sites.Video marketing is going to be big in 2009.

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