How To Use Social Bookmarking Exchanges To Rank Higher With Google

First I want to apologize for making this long ass video! I’m trying so hard not to go over 5 minutes but the information I have to share with you is soo juicy! The reason for the lengthy video is because I wanted to shed some light on a website service I’m using. This website service (which not too many people know about) has placed my blog posts high up in Google’s search engine rankings.  The site is called Lava Linx. Over the past month I have been aggressively using this social bookmarking exchange service to rank my blog posts high in Google’s search engine result pages and it’s working like gangbusters!

Before using this service, I was submitting my links to many different social bookmarking sites. It was a good strategy earlier on, but now I realize that it is a little flawed and I explain why in the video.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video about this social bookmarking exchange service is that it works on an honor system. There is no real policing or federal investigations taking place if your content doesn’t get bookmarked in a social exchange using the Lava Linx service. You have to trust that your content will be bookmarked by others who use the service. I have found that 95% of the time my links do get bookmarked with my social trade partners because they are there with the same goals as me. I don’t worry about it too much. My aim is to be involved in as many successful exchanges that will get my content bookmarked. Then I can sit back and watch the traffic flow in like a chocolate fondue fountain!

Here is what I discuss in the video:

  • What Lava Linx is and how to use it.
  • The 3 benefits of using a social bookmarking exchange service.
  • How to get serious link juice from your social trade partners.
  • The right way to use social bookmarks and make your site look like an authority in the eyes of Google.

I hope you like it despite the length of the video. Let me know below how you guys are handling your own social bookmarking campaigns. Are you doing something different that is working for you? Please share with us. Also if you found this post helpful please spread the luv by re-tweeting, bookmarking, and sharing on your Facebook 🙂

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6 Responses to “How To Use Social Bookmarking Exchanges To Rank Higher With Google”

  • Anand on April 2, 2010

    This is an interesting find. I have signed up and will surely test out this service. At present I am using onlywire.

  • Babe, the video cuts out around the 1 min mark…. ??

  • Samuel on April 5, 2010

    Lara Jane,

    Video runs good on my end and on another computer. It’s possible it could be a connection or streaming issue on your end. You can also refresh the browser or double click on the video to open it up in viddler if that happens.



  • Andrew on April 24, 2010

    It is really interesting..I’m just going to implement for my blog post and if will need any help then will let u know..Thanks fro sharing!!! It is really worth to read ur articles and watching video tutorials… Thanks once again!!!Please keep sharing!!

  • Randy on June 18, 2010

    Thank you once again Sam for some of the best info I have come across in my quest to become an internet marketer.

    Not knowing any better, I was bookmarking my content from my site, and some of the article directories I use, not realizing I was hurting my sites’ reputation, but in the information I read about social bookmarking, none of them said not to do this.

    But thank God you did! You are for real Sam. What’s the saying “Over deliver”. Sam you definitely have that part done to a science. And you do it for free! I must check out your paid services, how much more of an education will I get with paid coaching from you? Keep up the excellent work Sam, you have a great heart.

    Thanks again, and God bless.

  • gwelup park 55+ on October 12, 2010

    Social bookmarking sites don’t help in SEO, but they do help drive in organic traffic. Usually, social sites are “nofollow” with their links, so that their links do not add to the SEO of your site.

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