How To Drip Feed Your Blog Content To Your Facebook Fan Page

I wanted to share with you guys something I learned recently. I wanted to drip feed my blog content to my FaceBook Fan page without having to do it manually. So I did a search on the web and didn’t find much but bits and pieces. It reminded me of when I tried to figure out how to add an Aweber opt-in form to my FaceBook Fan Page. So I took the bits and pieces that I found and put them together to create this tutorial for you.

This tutorial is very similar to the recent post I did where I showed you how to create a FaceBook Fan Page. Below I will show you step by step how to auto-magically drip feed your blog content into your FaceBook Fan Page. So everytime you create a blog post your FaceBook Fan Page will be updated with the latest content from your blog. Really cool! So let’s get started!

1. Go to your FaceBook Fan Page and find the notes tab at the top of the navigation menu.
If you don’t see it there, it maybe hidden in the (+) menu button.

2. Next look for the tab that says “write a new note” and click on it.facebook-fan-page-tutorial-2

3. On the top right where it says “edit” look for the notes icon button and select it.

6. Preview your imported blog content before pressing the confirm button on the upper right side.

7. You will now see your most recent blog post content imported to your FaceBook Fan Page.

8. As you make posts to your blog it will auto-magically drip to your Fan Page Wall.

Thats how you do it folks! Go ahead and try it out. If you get stuck leave a comment below and I will help you out. If you like this post please tweet it on Twitter, Digg it, Stumble it, or make it so everyone else can benefit. Thanks!

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11 Responses to “How To Drip Feed Your Blog Content To Your Facebook Fan Page”

  • Fran Civile on November 10, 2009

    This is great Sam!
    I’m going to go do this right now and report

    Fran 🙂

  • Walter on December 13, 2009

    Hey, this will be very helpful in driving traffic to my blog. Thanks for sharing this info. 🙂

  • Amy on December 18, 2009

    Thank you so much!!!
    Made my life a lot easier in a few simple steps!!

  • Mike on December 23, 2009

    great job! now I just got to figure out how to drip a feed on to my blog….make that your next post. I have a sports site and I’m trying to figure out how to drip espn injury report feed or fantasy football drip feed.


  • Justin on December 27, 2009

    Cool demo. I like the photos. I’m just wondering though, is it supposed to be automatic for blog posts to show up on my fan page as soon as I post them or does it take a while to replicate? I got the old posts to show up just fine on initial import. Thanks.

  • Samuel on December 27, 2009


    As soon as you do the import your older post will show. Then anytime you create a new blog post it will instantly show up on your FaceBook Fan Page.

  • Justin on December 29, 2009

    It does work, but apparently it takes a while (about a day) before the posts show up in my notes tab. I guess that’s why it’s a “drip feed”. I figured out how to get the RSS feed up in a box on the left, but do you know how to get the notes section to show up on my wall like it did during the initial import? I reckon most people will go look at the wall, but most never think to check out the notes. At least I don’t. Also, I think that the RSS box doesn’t show much other than that posts were made, so not much for fans to see whether or not it’s worth them looking at any further. Thanks for the big assist.

  • Melanie on January 26, 2010

    This is perfect! I have followed your exact instructions and am now running smoothly. I love all of your tutorials! I did the optin aweber form earlier and it was so smooth.

    You are excellent at writing clear instructions for everyone to follow regardless of their knowledge or experience. With the added screenshots, even new beginners can follow along and not get lost!

    I searched high and low for how to add to my fan page and not my personal profile and couldn’t find anything I could use. Thanks to you, I am operational.

    I have bookmarked your site for checking into as one of my primary sources when looking to do something from now on!

    thank you!

  • Samuel on January 26, 2010

    @Melanie –> I’m glad you were able to benefit from it. Thanks for bookmarking this post. Greatly appreciated!!

  • christina Brito on March 29, 2010

    its not working for my blogger site I think because blogger says won’t work with ftp whatever that means

  • Mike Dickens on May 13, 2010

    One thing I have discovered is that if you post a link on your Fan page it will NOT be a dofollow link. If however, you embed links within your blog post using anchor text, and drip feed it to Facebook, the outgoing links will be dofollow.

    I’ve checked it several times and this is the way it works

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