Stop Procastinating! Generate More Traffic And Leads To Your Blog For 2013

Happy New Year! I created this video to welcome you into 2013 and set a tone for the things we should be thinking about for this new year. So watch the video below. Tell me about your own business goals and what ...

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How To Get Consistent Web Traffic To Your Blog For Free

I have been getting a few emails from my subscribers and people leaving comments about getting free traffic. This seems like a very sensitive topic for most people since a lot do not know how to get free traffic....

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Why You Should Not Depend On Google For Your Website Traffic

If you have ever been slapped by Google ? Maybe you are  frustrated with your website sliding up and down the search engine result pages like a yo-yo. If so you need to watch this video. In it I explain why you ...

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Learn How To Embrace Your Fears And Grow Exponentially

This is a quick video of me in the Dominican Republic on vacation taking a little break before going back into the water to scuba dive.  Prior to this trip, I was terrified of being out in the open sea water. I&...

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Use This One Piece Of Advice To Build Your Organic Website Traffic

In this video I talk about providing consistent effort to build your organic traffic results. Watch it and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. ...

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