5 Surefire Ways To Create Effective Social Media Campaigns

This is a guest post by Carl Glasmyre. Carl is going to share is strategies for creating effective social media campaigns.


Although social media marketing casts a pretty wide net, that doesn’t mean you’re going to generate a lot of successful sales leads. Because many consumers’ connections to your brand identity are tenuous, you stand the risk that they’ll pass right by – and that puts you in danger of wasting precious marketing resources on the empty parts of the ocean while great leads are getting hooked elsewhere.

Know Your Buyers

Before you start on any marketing campaign, whether it uses social media or something else, you have to know what kind of customer you’re after. Are the people who want your product or service more likely to be of one gender? What’s their primary age group? Their income bracket?

Don’t be afraid to get even more specific. What kind of jobs do they have or what kind of schools do they go to? What are their hobbies and what other products do they purchase? Traditional campaigns will create successful copy accordingly; a high-quality SEO company will use this information when choosing keywords and backlinks. The result? Understanding these target demographics will affect your social media marketing techniques.

Adjust Preferences

If you’re using Facebook ads, the site defaults to the widest possible net. But ad filters allow you specify who sees your ad according to factors like geographic location, age, gender and so on. Attracting the right people to your ads can help your network grow naturally afterward.

Whether you use actual ads or not, an understanding of your target audience will help you to make better decisions about what content to focus on, what groups to join, what hashtags to use on Twitter and Instagram and who to connect with.

Start at the Top of New Networks

If you know what kind of person will respond to your product or service, you can probably guess whom else they’re connecting with. Try to find a celebrity or a prominent web personality who fits your demographics and see if you can get them interested enough in your business to join your network. Also, try connecting with people who represent your target audience’s media viewing habits or hobbies.

Think about what products and services your target audience might already be using and try to connect with businesses that have similar customers but that don’t compete directly with you. Hopefully, this will be pretty easy—because they’ll see the value of cross-promotion, too.

Stay Engaged

As much effort as it takes to build a network of consumers in the first place, it takes more effort to keep them interested. The essence of your social media marketing campaign is the content you put out. Publish consistently, be engaging and offer diversity. Your social network is a place to spread all types of media, including sales copy, pictures, video, podcasts and traditional advertisements. At least some of it should have a hook that focuses more on your consumers than your business.


Blog well and often, and use your blog as a way to stay connected with other people who connect with your target audience. Follow the sorts of bloggers your customers read, and never miss an opportunity to link to your own content when it adds value to one of their topics.

Get What You Want

It’s easier to get what you want when you know exactly what that is. This is definitely true of prospective customers. Know exactly who you’re after, because once you have that information, you can find out a lot about where to go and what to do in order to expand your network in the most efficient way possible.


About Carl: Carl is an aspiring writer who currently works for an SEO company. He’s passionate about a variety of subjects including technology, marketing, and anything Internet-related. He’s constantly striving to strengthen his writing skills and is continuously grateful that the Internet allows him to share his thoughts with the world.

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