10 Twitter Directories To Help Increase Your Twitter Follows

Just wanted to share with you guys something I did over this past weekend that increased my Twitter followers within a few minutes of doing it. That was submitting my Twitter information to the Twitter directories. Twitter directories are a powerful tool to increase the number of your followers. Didn’t realize this until I saw the influx of followers following me.

I decided to post the 10 directories I submitted my Twitter info to that gave me an immediate surge in Twitter followers. These directories are normally broken into categories, locations, tags, or a combination of all and you can add yourself in the sections that match your profile.

Once you do that, when others search for users in that category – your name will appear, and they can follow you. In effect, this is a good meeting place for Tweeters with similar interests and backgrounds.

Here is a list of 10 Twitter directories I have had success with:

JustTweetIt.com: You can register in this directory, create a bio for yourself, and then select up to three categories in which you can submit your listing. Whenever someone searches for users in that category – your name will appear.

Twellow.com: Twellow is like the Yellow Pages of Twitter. You can do a search for “small businesses”, and it will search through profiles and provide you results. You can register there and create an extended bio and profile. This increases the chances of someone following you looking for similar interests.

TwitDir.com: If you don’t have a protected Twitter account your name should already be in this directory. It has got a handy list of Top 100 followed, Top 100 updaters, Top 100 favorites and Top 100 followers which can be used to find popular people.

Wefollow.com: This is another directory where you can add yourself and create a profile by adding your interests. People can search based on keywords or they can browse through entire categories like “Writer” to follow people who are writers.

Twibs.com: Twibs is unique in the sense that it is dedicated to businesses and helps people find businesses on Twitter. You can add your business on Twibs and create a profile which can be found on Twibs.

GeoFollow.com: As the name suggests this is a location based Twitter directory. You need to register to start showing up in the directory. You can then tag yourself by location or by interest. It has a cool feature that allows you to use Google Maps while creating a profile. This is a good tool for local business trying to find Tweeples in a particular location.

TweetFind.com:  On top of having a free registration, this directory also has a paid option, where they will promote your profile at a monthly price of $49.95. Other than that this is similar to other directories.

TweeterTags.com: This directory is in public beta currently and allows you to add a tag to yourself and be found by others who are looking for people with matching interests.

TweetWorks.com: You can log into Tweetworks by using your Twitter login information and engage in discussion with other people. Tweetworks offers threaded conversations so it helps to keep a track of what the discussion is all about and it also gives you an option to keep your discussions to a private group.

LoadedWeb.com: LoadedWeb is a location based Twitter directory tool and you need to register to start showing up in their results. Also another great directory to have your Twitter profile in.

If you add yourself to these directories now you will notice a slight surge in your Twitter followers. In addition, you will increase your chances of having targeted individuals with similar interest  wanting to connect with you as well. I hope this helps you out. Please Tweet it or  social bookmark it if you like it. Otherwise you can leave your comments below.

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One Response to “10 Twitter Directories To Help Increase Your Twitter Follows”

  • Vaishal on April 6, 2010

    Hi Samuel,
    thanks for given helpful information.
    my friends have almost a 30 to 45 followers
    I will submit my twitter at 10 directories which you have given
    I will have almost 100 followers in months..

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