10 Traffic Rituals You Should Do After Every Blog Post

I spoke at a passive income workshop recently and was asked by an attendee, “How do I get free traffic to my blog Sam? ” It’s a question that I have been asked many times as a marketer and blog owner.

I usually respond with some tough love advice on what it takes to build organic traffic online. Time, patience and persistence.  But no one wants to hear that.  People want the soup to nuts, A to Z, golden goose egg, nitty gritty push button secrets that will drive traffic to their sites instantly. I don’t have any of those mentioned but I do have something close and very effective.

You see I can completely relate and understand this feeling most of you are having when it comes to getting organic traffic to your blog. I was once there not to long ago. You rely on getting traffic to get online sales, build a list of buying customers, build a brand, etc. Traffic is the lifeblood that makes your site relevant and alive. Without it you are non-existent and taking up space.

So to quench your thirst for this knowledge I decided to give YOU, my loyal readers of this blog,  a checklist of 10 traffic generating rituals that I perform religiously after every blog post.

Just so you know, what I’m about to reveal has worked tremendously for me. You may or may not get the same results but at least you have some sort of stepping stone into creating your own traffic generating checklist.

Here goes!

1. Ping Your Blog Posts

Why: Pinging alerts the search engines that you have new fresh meaty content to index. Its like screaming at Google and Yahoo to release the spiders! These spiders then come and crawl your site for content and index it appropriately on their search results. I have literally seen my content appear on the search engines the following day after pinging it. I make sure to always do this because it is highly effective.

How: I use a service called Pingler.com . There are a few other services out there but Pingler works the best for me. It is very straight forward and easy to use.

2. Email Your List

Why: Because email marketing is not dead! Many of you knew about this post because you received an email from me. Harnessing the power of  your list is probably one of the easiest ways to get immediate traffic.

Keep in mind also that the quality of the relationship you have with your list will also determine how many of them will visit your links.  So always provide value to your list. Don’t be that pushy annoying person that pitches with every email blast. No one will open your emails and It will not favor well with your click through rates.

How: I use Aweber ( <—My Affiliate Link 😀 ) to manage and send out my email blasts. On a few sites I can setup Aweber to auto-magically blast my email list when I have a new blog post. However I’m finding that providing a customized message and manually setting up the emails for delivery works better with my open rates.

3.  Post on Facebook

Why: Umm…Can you say 500 million users? Facebook is the place where you can really see your content  go viral. A lot of you have seen this already. Just imagine people sharing your content with their friends via their Facebook wall or Facebook Fan Page. It will spread like wildfire. There would be nothing you could do to stop it even if you wanted to.

It is insane the traffic you can get from Facebook especially if the content is good. BTW, if you like this blog post, please feel free to share on your Facebook Fan Page or wall via the button at the top of this post. I will do a case study on viral Facebook traffic in the future and post the results here for you.

How: If you don’t have a Facebook account already shame on you! Just kidding! But for real though, you are never to late to sign up with Facebook and get started connecting. If you have a business my suggestion would be to start a Facebook Fan Page to keep it separate from your personal profile page. If you are building a personal brand then you can use your own personal Facebook page to connect with people.

Just keep in mind that you will be limited to five thousand friends with a personal account. You will also not have some of the features a Fan Page offers like Facebook insights and most importantly, being indexed by the search engines. With a Fan Page you can integrate and syndicate your blog feed into your page so that your fans get updated everytime you have a new blog post.

4. Post On Twitter

Why: People on Twitter are always looking for content they can share with their followers. Why not share yours? This works even better if you have people in a related niche that follow you and retweet your content to their followers.  Sometimes if the content goes viral on Twitter, you can see traffic spikes in your web analytics just from this one traffic strategy.

How: Sign up on Twitter and start following people that are related to your niche. You can also join Twitter directories to find people to follow in your industry. I did a great blog post on 10 Twitter directories to increase your Twitter followers. This should help you get started finding followers. Just remember when tweeting your content to your followers ask them to help you re-tweet it if they found your content helpful in anyway. This keeps your content going viral.

5. Post On LinkedIn

Why: I find LinkedIn has a real active community where people truly engage one another on a serious and professional level. If done correctly, you can get high quality traffic from LinkedIn that will convert very well. People that use LinkedIn are all about building their network and helping each other in their professional careers.

Most people overlook LinkedIn because they are not familiar with it. I believe you shouldn’t overlook it because it can become one of your best converting traffic sources.

How: You can create groups within your LinkedIn account and share your content. There is also a widget that allows you to import your blog feed to syndicate your content on your LinkedIn profile. This becomes visible to your network and gives your content the exposure it needs to go viral in your LinkedIn community.  You can even share your post with your network through status updates and remind them to re-post to their network if they find your content useful.

6. Syndicate Your Post To StumbleUpon With Su.pr ( Stumble Upon’s URL shortner )

Why: StumbleUpon has a very viral community of over 10 million users who love to share content. The more likes you get on your Stumbled blog post means high visibility in the StumbleUpon community, which will increase the traffic to your blog.

How: Use the url shortner created by StumbleUpon called Su.pr to create a shortened url version of your blog post url.  Then submit the shortened url version of your blog post through Su.pr.  Su.pr will syndicate your links via your social networks for wider distribution and your StumbleUpon Community. Get real time stats on clicks and others who have stumbled your link.  Very useful and viral service.

7.  Social Bookmark your blog post with Social Monkee

Why: Because you can build 25 unique backlinks to your blog post instantly every day for free! 

How: Visit Social Monkee . Sign up for the free account and start submitting your blog posts via their Firefox plugin.  I think what  makes this site so special is that you get a report via rss feed of the sites they used to bookmark your blog post.  You can then take those RSS  feeds, mash them up and submit them to the rss feed aggregators. This is my favorite way to create a pipline of traffic. Real Powerful Stuff !

8. Automate Your Social Bookmarking With Social Adr

Why: This service offers a free and paid version. They way it works is you get credits for sharing other users content with your social bookmarks. You can redeem those credits by having other members share your content. The more credits you have the more of your content is shared by other members.

With the paid version you can buy credits very cheap. That’s what I did eventually. The beauty of this site is having many different users share your content over different ip addresses, so to Google, the social bookmarking process on Social Adr looks very natural.

How: Visit Social Adr and set up your account. Then begin sharing others content to build your credits so you can start to submit your blog post for others to share. If you don’t want to do that then you can always pay for for the credits. It’s very inexpensive and won’t break the piggy.

9. Submit Your Post To Blog Carnivals

Why: A blog carnival, as defined by wikipedia,  is similar to a magazine, in that it is dedicated to a particular topic, and is published on a regular schedule, often weekly or monthly. Each edition of a blog carnival is in the form of a blog article that contains permalinks to other blog articles on the particular topic. Overall, it is a great way to build backlinks and get traffic from a community of other related bloggers in your niche.

How: There are many blog carnivals online. You will need to search a specific niche on Google. You can start with Blog Carnival.com to familiarize yourself with the process. Once you understand how they work you should definitely incorporate it into your traffic generating ritual.

10. Drive Traffic Through Blog Commenting

Why: People are curious to know more about you when you leave a comment that adds value to the discussion or you seem knowledgeable about a topic. Adding your 2 cents to a blog post can yield some really good traffic that will keep coming for years to come. I have some comments I have left on other blog posts almost 2 years ago that still bring in traffic up until this day. Don’t overlook this strategy. It powerful and it works!

How: Go to related blogs in your field or niche using Google Blog Search. I try to find blogs that have a good mixture of popularity, great content, authority with Google, and fairly decent Alexa rankings. Then I locate the popular or most viewed posts on that blog and add my 2 cents in the comment section. I make sure to add the url of my blog post that I want to promote and not the url of my main website because I want the traffic to go to my blog post.

I blog comment on 20 to 50 different blogs for one of my url blog post that I want to promote. I make sure to add value to the conversation and be resourceful. Using this strategy hopefully peeks the interest of readers looking at the comments on that post and causes them to click  on my comment url. It’s a great way to create backlinks to your blog posts and helps your overall SEO efforts. It’s great stuff!

So, that’s about it!  Do these traffic generating methods for every blog post you create and watch your traffic stats closely to see what is working and what is not working for you. You can always add more to this list to multiply your traffic efforts. Just make sure to TAKE ACTION whatever you decide to do! Would definitely like to know your results. Please feel free to re-tweet to your followers or post on Facebook if you found this post helpful.

Also remember to subscribe to my list so I can keep sending you more traffic tactic awesomeness!

Until next time!

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10 Responses to “10 Traffic Rituals You Should Do After Every Blog Post”

  • OurSharedEarth on March 16, 2011

    Thanks for the quick response yesterday Sam, and you’re right this post DOES answer my questions. As always – you’re an invaluable resource!

  • Samuel on March 16, 2011

    Thanks Doug! You motivate me as always! Hope it helps you and everyone else out.

  • Thomas on March 16, 2011

    That is a very nice list. Some of the things am I already doing, but there are for sure a couple of think there I will consider in the future.

  • Samuel on March 16, 2011

    Hey Thomas!

    I’m glad you found the post useful.

  • I just clicked through to your blog after you left a comment on my blog so #10 definitely works.

  • Samuel on March 16, 2011

    Haaa!! Thanks Paula!

  • Tony on March 17, 2011

    Great post, thanks for the share learned a thing or two.

  • Staci on March 20, 2011

    Hey Sam,

    Informative article

  • camera on July 28, 2011

    Hello, there are plugins that will pull the blog post from wordpress blog and publish it on your facebook page as well as many other social media sites.

  • Michael Burton on July 22, 2014

    Thank you, so much for this great info.I just started my first blog.This is just what I needed.I will try all of these strategiesI agree 100% on the comment you made about LinkedIn, it can be powerful,if you know how to use it.

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