10 Tiered Link Building Guides To Help You Rank Your Site On Google

Let’s face it! Link building is part of SEO, and to get good rankings in the SERPS, it just has to be done. The search engines, specifically Google, rate our website’s popularity by the quality and quantity of external links that are pointing to our website. Link building is not just about the numbers;you have to make sure that the links pointing to your website are trustworthy, reliable, and have authority.

Over three years ago,I blogged about a link-building strategy that, if done correctly, will give you some great results. You can see that post here.  Fast forward three years, and we find that a similar strategy, known as Tiered Link Building, is being used to create link-building campaigns. Tiered link building entails building a second, third, or even fourth layer of backlinks that target primary links pointing to your website.

Here is a graph that explains how tiered link building works:

Tiered Link Building Strategy


What is the best way to build an effective tiered link-building campaign you ask? I wondered about this myself and set out to find ten tiered link-building guides and tutorials worthy enough to post and share with all of you.

So here are the ten tiered link-building guides to help you rank your website on Google:

1.  The Ultimate Guide to Tiered Link Building (By Matthew Wooward)

Matthew Wooward has developed this guide to help you use and follow his system for building tiered links to your main website. This link building guide allows you to have as many as three tiers of links that are connected to your main site. Matthew explains the theory behind his tiered link building guide and describes it as “building backlinks to your backlinks”.

He talks about having integrated quality and quantity tiered backlinks that direct to your main site. The tier-one links will be full of quality content. The tier-two links should still offer some quality, but not as much as the tier-one links, and the quantity should increase as well. The tier-three links will be about quantity—the more the better.

While tiered link building is easier said than done, Matthew provides several videos that fully explain the step-by-step process, and he even takes time to answer your queries and hesitations in the comment box.

2. The Advanced Guide to Link Building (Neil Patel of Quick Sprout)

This is a spin off of The Advanced Guide to SEO, which was also written by Neil Patel. He believed that in his first write-up, he was unable to elaborate further on link building. His new guide focuses on link building and explains to readers exactly what link building is, and introduces the different campaigns that can be used with link building.

This guide has twelve chapters that discuss each type of link building that you can use, and it tackles the changes with the Penguin update from Google as well as how it will affect your SEO. This guide is ideal for beginners, but amateurs can also learn some new tricks and tips that will improve their link-building campaigns.

3.  The Omega SEO Link Strategy Guide (Alex Becker of Source Wave)

This informative guide discusses the different link-building theories and campaigns. Every theory and campaign includes detailed explanations on how they work and how to do them as well as sample links to use. In addition,diagrams illustrate virtually how each link-building campaign would look. Alex Becker also provides link-building campaigns that are mixed and matched, including “Tier Linking” and “Social Tiered Linking,” which utilizes more social-networking websites.

4. How to Build Links for Niche Sites  (Spence Haws of Niche Pursuits)

This link-building guide is focused on building links for niche websites. Niche sites are websites that are dedicated to a specific topic or audience, and hence, can bring in more traffic because the website provides very detailed information regarding its niche.

Spencer Haws discusses the different link-building campaigns he used for his own niche website such as web directories, blog comments, article directories, and the 100 base links. Each link-building campaign is explained, and Spencer even provides sample sites to use for link building.

5. The Lazy Man’s Guide to Tiered Link Building (Digital Point Forums)

This guide, posted on the Digital Point Forums by one of its members,provides a video that teaches the followers and members how to apply his tiered link-building strategy. He provides all the details,including what software to use, and offers a step-by-step guide. The maker of the video also displays a graph demonstrating the success rate of his tiered link-building strategy.

6. Link Building Empire Strategy Guide (Jacob King)

This tiered link-building guide, provided by Jacob King, was created as a tutorial for his Virtual Assistant (“VA”). However, he found it worth sharing with anyone since his strategy worked. This guide is comprehensive as it provides instructions on how to setup each tier. He also provides video tutorials on how to use each product or software, such as article spinners,as well as other link-building tools.

7.  The Definitive Guide to Link Building (Brian Dean)

This guide to link building, authored by Brian Dean, is a collection of different strategies and tips from him and others who work with SEO. His main goal is to help readers obtain more links from websites with authority. His guide consists of eight chapters with a bonus chapter that discusses case studies. One of the chapters tackles the new Penguin update from Google and explains how readers can avoid it or recover from it.

8.  The Definitive Guide to White Hat Tiered Link Building (RohitPalit)

The tiered link-building campaign has been tagged by many as a black-hat SEO strategy. This guide,created by Rohit Palit, will help readers understand that the tiered link-building campaign can actually be converted to a white-hat strategy. He explains that this type of link-building strategy is very effective, and offers an alternative method for making this a white-hat campaign.

9.  Advanced Tiered Link Building Tutorial (Gregory Smith)

Gregory Smith’s tutorial on tiered link building has listed the different steps in tiered link building. His instructions are precise,can be used and understood easily by beginners, and are free from industry jargon. Gregory even indicates how to add hyperlinks. As a bonus,this tutorial offers a link to obtain free downloads of the different tools he used throughout this campaign.

10. SEOlutions Guide to Perfecting Your Link Building Campaigns (Seolutions)

This guide to tiered link building provides not only the steps on how to execute tiered link building but also the different essentials for designing a link-building campaign. SEOlutions details the importance of content relevancy, anchor diversity, and link diversity.

Honorable Mention:

Detailed Guide to Backlinking Success for Niche Websites  (Detailed Success)

This guide to back-linking success is focused for niche websites, and unlike tiered link building, this process has only two tiers. This process involves different platforms that can be used for the tier-one links. The tier-two links involve article submissions,comments, and such that are common link-building methods.

Link building is an integral part of SEO that can help make or break your website’s ranking. I hope that you can learn from these great guides as I have and improve your search rankings. If you know of any good guides or strategies that compliment the tiered link-building strategy, definitely mention them in the comments below!


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